Formed in the unassuming, yet fertile musical crescent of the San Fernando Valley, 5th & Birmingham’s origins and influences are deeply rooted in American music of the last 60 years. Raised on everything from Hank Williams to Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan to Garth Brooks, the band manages to fuse a myriad of influences into a sound that is both timeless and vintage. Pouring every ounce of honesty and passion into every note, both in studio and on stage, 5th & Birmingham bring a positive and bold sensibility to their music — all while still making room for a little tush-push or two.


  • Desirae Wolffe – Lead Vocals
  • Jesica Wolffe – Vocals
  • Ian Felchlin- Guitar/Vocals
  • Mo McKenzie- Bass
  • JP Ragusa -Banjo/Mandolin/Guitar
  • Hiro Goto- Violin